About the Project

What is Easy Draw?

Easy Draw is an easy to use Python and Java module that allows you to create simple graphics primitives (rectangles, circles, polygons, etc.) with just method calls.

It is designed to be used with students that only know how to make function/method calls with Python or Java code.

After learning more about coding (conditionals, iteration, and procedural definitions), students can use Easy Draw to make simple animations and games!

Python - Where do I start?

Java - Where do I start?

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About the Project

Easy Draw was created by Joe Mazzone, Computer and Software Engineering instructor at William M. Davies, Jr. Career and Technical High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

The project was created to introduce Davies' students to GUI development early in an introductory Python course. Then, I thought it would be great to use in AP Computer Science A (Java)! GUIs are how students interact with software. Let's get them to build GUIs earlier and generate more interest in Computer Science and programming!

Looking for a simple way to create an app with Python or Java? Check out the Easy App project: https://easy-app.joemazzone.net/

For more information about Davies Career and Technical High School, visit https://www.daviestech.org/

Like what Joe created? ☕ Buy him a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JoeMazzone

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