Starter Template

To open the Easy Draw screen, all you need is three lines of code. It is that easy!
# Learn how to use Easy Draw!
import easy_draw # Import the module to use it
easy_draw.load_canvas() # Always start your program with this
# --- Your main program below here ---
# --- Your main program ends here ---
easy_draw.end() # Always end your program with this
The following will open when you run the above program:

Features of the Easy Draw screen:

1. Grid on and off
To help learners visualize the coordinate system, a grid can be turned on and off.
2. Coordinates
To help learners position shapes on the drawing canvas, as you move your mouse around the canvas the bottom-right corner of the screen showcases the x, y coordinates of your mouse.
3. Color Picker
To help learners identify color values to use in their code, they can launch a color picker from the Easy Draw window.
Note: The color picker is native to the operating system and will look different on different systems.
4. Save the Canvas Drawing
You can save your drawing as a PNG file by clicking the "Save Canvas" button. Just be sure to provide the image with a file name. The image will save in your project's current working directory (most likely the same folder as your code).