The Drawing Canvas

All shapes will be drawn on a canvas.
The Easy Draw canvas is 600 x 600 pixels (600 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall). So (300, 300) is the middle of the canvas, and (600, 600) is the bottom-right corner.
The coordinate system origin (0, 0) is the top-left corner of the canvas.
As x increases, objects move right. As y increases, objects move down (not up!).

Loading the Canvas

Load canvas has one optional argument - background. The background property allows you to identify a color value for the canvas on load.
easy_draw.load_canvas(background = (255, 0, 0))

Changing the Background Color

Used to change the canvas background color at any point in the program.
easy_draw.set_canvas_color(color = (0, 0, 255))

Ending the Program

Every Easy Draw program must end with this function call. It sets up the event loop and allows the window to remain open on the desktop.